My Personal Life, Hobbies, Pets, and Family

OK, so this is the self-indulgent part!

My name is Sherry Bailey, which, sadly, is far from unique. I found at least three others on the web, and dozens more when I did searches on phone lists nation-wide. I was born in west Michigan quite a long time ago, although I prefer to go by my emotional age which is about sixteen! (That's a joke, in case any prospective employers are reading this!!)

My parents and only sibling, my brother Frank, still live in Michigan, although my parents spend winters in Florida in their RV.

Since 1982, I live in New Hampshire where I am distracted every four years by the omnipresent intrusion of Presidential hopefuls (and their sometimes very large and vocal entourages) stumping for votes in the nation's first primary election. The weather here is miserable in winter since I don't ski, but it is beautiful the rest of the year.

My life revolves around: my "day job" at the Boston University Corporate Education Center where I am Librarian; my relationship with my best friend/former husband; my cats; and my hobbies of flea marketing and bargain-hunting, interior decorating, crafts (especially polymer clay art), and reading (mainly mysteries and SF). I also enjoy movies (cinema, laser disc, DVD) and some television shows (mainly SF).